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The Great Gatsby is Coming to The White Horse

14 Sep 2018

The Great Gatsby is Coming to The White Horse

As the days cool down and the evenings draw in, our thoughts turn to cosy nights and crisp autumn days kicking up brown leaves and blowing out clouds of visible breath into frosty air. And what follows that train of thought for us is Christmas! It will be here before you know it and we all love Christmas here at The White Horse, because our lavish parties are second to none.

Christmas Party Theme
This year our Christmas Parties theme is 1920’s Great Gatsby. Yes, we’re going full glitz and glamour where you can enjoy the decadence of the roaring 20’s and celebrate the festive season in style. With bubbles on arrival and an exceptional three courses of delicious festive fayre with wine included, you’ll be sure to be dancing into the night as if The Great Gatsby himself had thrown the party.

Roaring Twenties Facts
It wasn’t all plain sailing for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book at the time, however. The book, which cost only $2 when released in 1925 only sold 20,000 copies in its first year. Whilst that would be a decent amount these days, back then it was a virtual flop.

Nor was it well received by critics at the time, with reviews no doubt impacting on the sales. The New York Evening World said of it; “We are quite convinced after reading The Great Gatsby that Mr. Fitzgerald is not one of the great writers of to-day.” Ooh, scathing.

The movie didn’t do so well, either. Released just a year after the book in 1926, it was panned by Mrs Fitzgerald herself after seeing it with her husband on the evening of its release.  She said to her daughter in a letter that the silent movie based on the novel was “ROTTEN and awful and terrible and we left.” Oh dear.

Food From The Era
Maybe the fact that it was released in a time of severe poverty in America, with people struggling with the Great Depression, that the opulence portrayed received little love. The average family struggled to make ends meet, and many meals at the time contained hot dogs or potatoes which were particularly cheap at the time. Spaghetti with carrots in white sauce, corned beef salad, creamed chipped beef and prune pudding would all feature on the family table.

Rest assured, the festive feast we’ll be offering on the night will be much more suited to a Gatsby.

Book Your Parties Now
We have dates available from the end of November and throughout December, but tickets are going fast. Get in touch now to book a table you get to use for the duration of the night while you dance flapper-style to the live band and DJ. We want to see you in those glad rags, smiling “rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it” and having the time of your life. Check out details and dates here and call us now to secure your place at the party!

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