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It's grilling time

07 Jun 2023

It's grilling time

A restaurant’s kitchen is home to a variety of new-fangled Chef’s toys and gadgets, but the cooking contraption on every foodie’s lips these days is the Josper Grill. Despite a recent rise in popularity, the Josper Grill has been around for 40 years and is the genius invention of restaurateurs and chefs Josep Armangue and Pere Juli, who were the first to introduce it into their restaurant in Spain. The White Horse is one of the few restaurants in Hertford to have a Josper Grill, which is why we serve up one of the best steaks around.

What is a Josper Grill?
The Josper Grill is a hybrid. First and foremost, it is a grill, burning hot charcoals that add a smoky ‘barbecue’ flavour to whatever is cooked on it such as vegetables, fish, chicken and best of all, steak. The difference is that it has a door that when closed, turns the grill into an oven which locks in natural moisture meaning no flavour escapes. In layman’s terms it is the best, complex indoor barbecue you could ask for.

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