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Reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep

14 Sep 2018

Reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep

Of course, sleep is a necessity of life. We all understand that, and many of us chase a good night of sleep most of the time. But a hotel room slumber is more than just ticking a box. There’s a feeling, a glow that comes with treating oneself to something nice. Something deserved. An indulgence well earned.

Whether it’s the sumptuous, large bed adorned with crisp, clean bedding and plump pillows, the quiet appraisal of the décor of a creatively themed room, the luxury of a well-designed beautiful bathroom or simply the joy that comes from the temporary escape from the treadmill of life; when done well, a hotel room just simply helps you sleep better.

We are not getting enough Sleep
Studies show that a good night’s sleep is paramount for maintaining good mental and physical health. A recent survey showed only 39% of adults sleep well, with the big problem being insomnia. It reported 37% either can’t get to sleep or get back to sleep after waking, something that will impact on their daily lives. This is not good news.

Sleep is a chance to reboot and refresh and helps us recover from mental as well as physical exertion. Without that period of bodily and cerebral regeneration, our ability to function on even the most basic of levels can be undermined. Life is just too busy to be running on low batteries.

Meet the masters of sleep
Here at The White Horse we consider ourselves masters of sleep. We’re extremely proud of our accommodation, all carefully pieced together to offer the respite you need from the treadmill of life.

Every room follows the lead of the restaurant and bar with interiors leaning toward the artistically experimental, with a tropical-meets-Africana theme centre stage. Ensuite bathrooms throughout, all equipped with lavish toiletries and a calm elegance that will lend itself to you feeling more rested.

Fresh air and great food
Add to that the fresh Hertfordshire air that you can fill your lungs with on rigorous walks throughout the surrounding countryside, and you’ll be ready for a well-earned drink, snack or bar meal in a more relaxed setting, or some hearty fare in our chic restaurant. Our delectable offerings cater to all, the peckish through to ravenous; carnivores to vegans; morning, noon and night.

With a vast array of beers, wines, spirits and aperitifs to wash it all down with, we’re sure your stay here will have you rested, replete and ready for a recharge of your batteries as you escape the day and snuggle up to a great night’s sleep. Call now to book your stay with us.






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