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Summer Sups

12 Jul 2018

Summer Sups

There are a number of beverages that claim to be an ideal summer drink, but none more so than the gin and tonic. From sharp and herbaceous taste of gin to the refreshing bitterness of tonic and ice, it’s hard to argue gin and tonic isn’t in fact a perfect drink for the summer months.

Winston Churchill once said: “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” Well, it turns out that ol’ Winston wasn’t just trying to create a great excuse to mix himself a refreshing G&T before lunchtime, he was citing actual evidence that dates back to the 1700s.

Medicinal reasons

Like many of your favourite alcoholic drinks, the gin and tonic has its origins in the medical profession. In the 18thcentury, quinine was discovered to be an effective treatment for malaria, which had plagued the British army for centuries. Extracted from the bark of a South American tree called cinchona, quinine powder was used by the British Empire to combat malaria.

The only problem was that quinine is extremely bitter, meaning British soldiers more often than not took to mixing the powder with sugar and water, and improved the formula even more when they added their daily ration of gin to proceedings. While modern medicine has developed better malaria treatments than prescribing gin and tonics to sufferers, the drink remains as popular as ever around the world, and especially in Britain.

The perfect G&T

Here at The White Horse, we take our gin seriously, giving customers the choice of a number of different brands, all of which bringing something slightly different to the drink. From the traditional classics such as Tanqueray, Beefeater and Bombay, to more modern gins such as Hendricks or even Williams, you’re now able to take your pick from a range of great gins. In fact, it’s the tonic that more often than not ruins a G&T, especially if a cheap or flat tonic water is used. And don’t even get us started on soda water. Just no.

Garnishing a gin and tonic has come a long way from a slice of lemon, and this is where you can now get creative. While citrus is a must, you’re no longer restricted to a wedge of lemon or lime, with more and more opting for grapefruit. By adding berries and herbs, you’re now able to add a whole new twist on your gin and tonic.

So, this summer, make sure you speak to a member of our team about our gin selection and see just why the G&T is now more popular than ever. And then take a seat in the sun and you’ll soon see why this is the perfect summer drink

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